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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Un deathcore progressif avec quelques touches de djent ; accordage pesant, passages rapides, etc. Le tout est bien exécuté et me rappelle la pub pour l'Orangina à l'orange sanguine...souvenirs, souvenirs... Favorite track: From Grimace To Grin.
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Illusions from Manchester,Ky.


released August 2, 2013

All credits go to Illusions



all rights reserved


Illusions Manchester, Kentucky

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Track Name: Deenda
I have tried so hard to put the past behind
living in regret of what i couldnt find
a ghost of my regrets is were i draw the line
the voices in my head won't drag me down this time

I have become more than a man
I have become more than a man
I am the one you will never understand
I am the one you will never fucking understand.

Why do you run and hide
From the things you hold deep inside

Why do we fear
The things that have come and gone
Start letting go
start moving on
The past is just a page
And life is a bitch
Today is the dawn
Start living it

Good things come and go
But we all die alone.
Seize tomorrow
Seize tomorrow!

Fuck the past
Fuck the past

I will let you go
I will let you go
Track Name: Father Figure Seven
do you believe in hell on earth?
the end is coming
the end is near
seven years dealt a verdict
seven heads the demon awaits
will you take the mark?
or watch your children die?
the choices that you've made
have lead you to your grave

everybody has turned their back on you
like you've turned your back on them
your life was over before it even began
you should've thought before you commited the sin

Eyes fixed on the prize
never the task at hand
You were a shitty father
You were a shitty friend

you were fucking never there
you never fucking cared

Leave Run and Hide
Leave Run and Hide
Track Name: From Grimace To Grin
We're going nowhere
You've crossed the line again
I've seen you somewhere
A nightmare that never ends

I lie here shaking
Premonitions of a massacre
If you only knew what I was thinking

Dare to test my integrity
And you will reap what you have sewn
Face down in a pile of your filth
Now try to bitch and moan

From grimace to grin
Such a fitting end
The guilt bleeds from your eye
It is time to die

Ironic how love is blind
cause your dead in this next line
This stress must be released
Before I find inner peace

(X2) run and hide,nothing can save you,you'll be my victim


Now,In a bag at my feet
Now,tell me what you think

Drain the fucking lake
Track Name: Weigh The Anchors
i'm taking over so hide below deck
i'll kill your captain and take this whole ship
weigh the anchors surrender your men
i'll take this fight from the sea to the land

we come in the dead of night
fighting in the shadows to hide from light
hide your wife in the bottom of the boat
i'll find that bitch and i'll slit her throat

Weigh the anchors
we're taking over

Light the fire
and watch it burn
A sunken ship
Is what you've earned

everybody abandon vessel
to escape the burning hell
i killed that fucking bitch
and i killed her well

everybody abandon vessel
Track Name: Serpents
In your face
You finally lost your nerve
you'll get what you wanted
you'll get what you deserved
back the fuck up
and let me smash your bitch
until the break of dawn
it never fucking quits
first round pull out all the stops
lean back,right hook watch that fucker drop
what a bitch
her fucking pussy's tight
she says that i'm the only one
that can fuck her right

Head down,with her ass in the air
she like it from behind
and i don't fucking care
scream my name,make it loud and clear
tell them faggots on your phone i'm the one to fear

pull it out,and my dick is achin
she can't even walk, cause her legs are shakin
she like that big dick but she can't take it
ima bout to whip cream and i aint faking

get on this dick and fucking ride it
i got so much money,no where to hide it

look and be amazed,i can keep this shit up for days
just don't look me in the face
cause ima knock a bitch out

smash that shit